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Meeet Our Founder, Angela



Warm greetings from Ipoh, Malaysia. My name is Angela Gan. I am currently working on a freelance basis as a private tutor and freelance translator / editor in my hometown in Ipoh. As for my tertiary education, I received my Bachelor of Applied Science (Biotechnology with management) from USM, Penang. To upgrade my teaching skills, in the year 2018, I did another postgraduate studies course (PGCE)  course with Nottingham University, Malaysia campus, specializing in Inclusive Education...My callings in life is helping youngsters to learn language in creative approaches despite their learning difficulties, and also lead a linguistic team to translate digital materials to help people to connect better in a global world.

The main mission of SLIMO translations is to create mutual understanding is by breaking the language barriers people have due to the different cultural and social context. By realizing that we are not separate from one another, we can work towards creating interdependent local communities that are based on trust, authenticity and benevolence which make life far more meaningful  than our personal pursuits.

When I was still a ‘little’ Kin, I had a strong passion in language and literature. Loving to write and read like in my blood during my teenage years. Whenever I was given an essay assignment in school, I would write and write till the essay was so long that my teacher would have to suffer an eye ache reading my essays. I have no idea that this passion of mine can turn into a real career of mine today!

Having more than 5 years experience working in the local advertising & translation industry as a full time employee, I decided to go freelance in 2014. SLIMO translations was founded together with a few college friends. Although I am fluent in many languages, I am only providing professional translations in Malay, English and Mandarin Chinese (Simplified/ Traditional). My area of expertise includes IT, legal & business translations. Besides translations, I am also offering subtitling, copywriting, transcription services on request.


I am looking forward for any future collaborations or partnerships with you. Just drop me an email if you have any enquiries about my services!

Thank you & best regards,


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