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The SLIMO Family Mission






In SLIMO Translations, we are committed to work towards strengthening our local economies that put the well-being of people and the planet first. Our main goal is to promote language localization consultations and digital marketing strategies to local businesses so that local businesses can thrive. We believe that localization is a systemic solution to climatic change and world poverty. Here's a video about localization from Local Futures Website.





Our organization is named after Slime Mould, a miraculous creatures on our Mother Earth. I was inspired by their nature as I was observing them under the microscope back in my college days...They may be portrayed as some kind of monstrous saprophytic organism in the wild to the public, but these little brainless creatures exhibit an intelligence & resilience that go far beyond the brain... They have been here on Earth billions of years ago and serve as a great cleaner of the forest floor and contribute to the decomposition of dead vegetation, and feed on bacteria, yeasts, and fungi to renew life again by reducing them back to the elemental level.  They can live as free individual singled-celled organisms while feeding, but during food scarcity, congregate in groups of tens of thousands to form multicellular 'slugs' that migrate to new areas...and share food together in a interdependent way so that they could continue to exist and serve Mother Earth...

Let's us all be protectors to our Mother Earth, just like the Slime Moulds!

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